$49,1,Sharks,School,Decorative,Fabric,Home Kitchen , Home Décor Products,Area,Rug,,of,3'X5',CafePress,/Christliness1991634.html,T,banglasearch.com.au Free shipping anywhere in the nation CafePress School of Sharks 1 3'X5' Fabric T Decorative Area Rug $49,1,Sharks,School,Decorative,Fabric,Home Kitchen , Home Décor Products,Area,Rug,,of,3'X5',CafePress,/Christliness1991634.html,T,banglasearch.com.au Free shipping anywhere in the nation CafePress School of Sharks 1 3'X5' Fabric T Decorative Area Rug $49 CafePress School of Sharks 1 3'X5' Decorative Area Rug, Fabric T Home Kitchen Home Décor Products $49 CafePress School of Sharks 1 3'X5' Decorative Area Rug, Fabric T Home Kitchen Home Décor Products

Free shipping anywhere in the nation CafePress School of Sharks 1 3'X5' Fabric T Decorative Area Popular brand in the world Rug

CafePress School of Sharks 1 3'X5' Decorative Area Rug, Fabric T


CafePress School of Sharks 1 3'X5' Decorative Area Rug, Fabric T

Product description

Size:2' X 3'

CafePress brings your passions to life with the perfect item for every occasion. With thousands of designs to choose from, you are certain to find the unique item you've been seeking. Update your home with a unique flat-weave area rug featuring your favorite decorative or vintage design. This 100% polyester woven fabric area rug features a durable textured chevron pattern and hemmed edges for a high quality look that will stand time. The design is professionally printed with vibrant color, and is sure to brighten the look of your home d?cor or dorm room. Accompany this braided rug with decorative curtains, and transform your room completely! These rugs make great house warming gifts, and are a great gift for women, men, boys, and girls or a luxurious indulgence for yourself. And with CafePress, your satisfaction is always our promise...buy with confidence, as we offer easy returns and exchanges.

CafePress School of Sharks 1 3'X5' Decorative Area Rug, Fabric T

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