File,$161,Holder,/Christliness1991734.html,Desk,Desktop,Tidy,Storag,Sorter,,Mail,Magazine,Office,Office Products , Office Furniture Lighting File Holder Magazine Mail Sorter Office Cheap mail order shopping Storag Tidy Desktop Desk File,$161,Holder,/Christliness1991734.html,Desk,Desktop,Tidy,Storag,Sorter,,Mail,Magazine,Office,Office Products , Office Furniture Lighting File Holder Magazine Mail Sorter Office Cheap mail order shopping Storag Tidy Desktop Desk $161 File Holder Magazine Mail Sorter Office Desk Tidy Desktop Storag Office Products Office Furniture Lighting $161 File Holder Magazine Mail Sorter Office Desk Tidy Desktop Storag Office Products Office Furniture Lighting

File Holder Very popular! Magazine Mail Sorter Office Cheap mail order shopping Storag Tidy Desktop Desk

File Holder Magazine Mail Sorter Office Desk Tidy Desktop Storag


File Holder Magazine Mail Sorter Office Desk Tidy Desktop Storag

Product description


Desktop storage box is made of 100% high nature , which is non-toxic, stable, robust and durable. Perfect for storage and display, makes your desk neat and tidy.
Simple design and classic appearance make it fit in any place you want. Smooth surface and light material makes it easy to clean and move.
Product Name: File Rack
Color: wood color
Packing: Folder * 1
Due to the different display of the computer, the actual project color may be slightly different from the displayed image.
Allows an error of 1-2 cm due to manual measurement.
This product only sells file cabinets.
Product sizes are similar, with an error of 1-2 cm, depending on the actual size
Please pay attention to the product, because of the color, angle, different display, etc.
If the product you received has quality issues, or you have problems using the product.
Please feel free to contact us,we will solve your problem as soon as possible

File Holder Magazine Mail Sorter Office Desk Tidy Desktop Storag

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