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Moroccan Chair Covers Max 40% OFF Polyester Spandex 70% OFF Outlet Seat Stretch for

Moroccan Chair Covers Polyester Spandex Stretch Seat Covers for


Moroccan Chair Covers Polyester Spandex Stretch Seat Covers for

Product description



Made from a blend of polyester and spandex fabric, this cover gives you long-lasting durability and easy maintenance.

Secure fit with sewn-in elastic hem; Stretch fabric is perfect for hard to fit furniture.

Memory stretch fabric and all-around elastic provide a clean, sleek look that goes on easily and stays in place.

Easy way to update and protection. Revamp your chairs at half the cost.

It is ideal for family have a kids or pets, prolong chair durability and life, as well as keep them looking brand new for long.

Machine Washable. Please use warm iron when needed. Please do not bleach.
Tumble dry on low setting to prolong the service life of the slipcover.

Material: Made of polyester and spandex, Stretchable.
Package: 8 pcs chair covers
Recommended Size: Seat Length and Width 12 -20 inch; Seat Back Height 17.7 -21.7 inch.

Warm Tips:

Please allow 0.5-1 inch error due to manual measurement.

Due to the shootinglight, angle and color displays, physical and photos’color maybe some slight differences.

Moroccan Chair Covers Polyester Spandex Stretch Seat Covers for

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