Blackjack Furniture Walker Leather Reclining Upholstered L New arrival Match $473 Blackjack Furniture Walker Leather Match Upholstered Reclining L Home Kitchen Furniture L,,Walker,Reclining,/added1841308.html,Upholstered,Leather,Match,Blackjack,Furniture,Home Kitchen , Furniture,$473 L,,Walker,Reclining,/added1841308.html,Upholstered,Leather,Match,Blackjack,Furniture,Home Kitchen , Furniture,$473 Blackjack Furniture Walker Leather Reclining Upholstered L New arrival Match $473 Blackjack Furniture Walker Leather Match Upholstered Reclining L Home Kitchen Furniture

Blackjack Furniture Walker 25% OFF Leather Reclining Upholstered L New arrival Match

Blackjack Furniture Walker Leather Match Upholstered Reclining L


Blackjack Furniture Walker Leather Match Upholstered Reclining L

Product description

Showcase luxury and glamour in your space with the Blackjack Furniture Walker Collection Reclining Upholstered Loveseat. The reclining loveseat measures 41" inches L x 43" inches W x 42" inches H and weighs 170 lbs. The loveseat requires minor assembly. The loveseat feature durable leather gel and leather match on a solid wood and plywood frame. This attractive piece embodies true luxury, featuring a stylish contemporary design and faux leather upholstery. Enjoy lavish comfort with the sumptuously padded upholstery and a reclining function. A beautiful seat for your home. Blackjack Furniture are purveyors of some of the most prominently designed, flawlessly crafted furnishings and decor on the market. Industry masters are retained to utilize only the finest quality materials to yield these spectacular results.

Blackjack Furniture Walker Leather Match Upholstered Reclining L

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