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Staircase Handrails Swimming OFFicial store Pool Product Hand Desi Curve Rail Geometric

Staircase Handrails Swimming Pool Hand Rail Geometric Curve Desi


Staircase Handrails Swimming Pool Hand Rail Geometric Curve Desi

Product description

Size:Tube Thickness1.5mm

JUN-Handrails is our own brand of handrails, and we have been adhering to the tenet of serving customers for many years.
Having a rail for your in-ground pool stairs is a great safety feature.

If you need easier entry to your pool, consider these handrails. This works well for assistance getting in and out of the pool . The quality is excellent (stainless steel) and it was easy to install.

KEY Features

1.Rock solid product.
The pool safety handrail has a capacity of 440lb for providing strong support. Expansion Bolts Heavy Duty Fixing Anchors fix it on the floor firmly.

2.304 Stainless Steel
The inground pool handrail is constructed with 304 high-strength stainless steel. It is not easy to deform and bend with a tube of 1.1 mm thickness.

3.Simple to Install
The handrail is easy to operat.The rail comes with all of the necessary hardware. Installation took less than an hour.

4.Humanized Nice Geometric Design
The pool rails for inground pool is designed with humanized curve for convenient grasp. It will give you fabulous experience by decorating your swimming pool.

5.Multiple Functions
The spa handrail is the most cost-efficient choice for various places, which is suitable for swimming pool, sloped entry, spa, water park, etc.


Material: 304 Stainless Steel

Load Capacity: 440 lbs/200 kg

Tube Diameter: 1.65"/4.2 cm

Tube Thickness: 0.05"/1.1 mm

Product Size: 49.2 x 34.6"/125 x 88 cm

Staircase Handrails Swimming Pool Hand Rail Geometric Curve Desi

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