$168 Metal Bunk Bed Twin Over Twin Bunk Bed Frame,Heavy Duty Bunk Bed Home Kitchen Furniture Twin,/adiaphonon1841079.html,Bed,Bunk,Bed,Frame,Heavy,Twin,Bunk,Duty,$168,Metal,banglasearch.com.au,Home Kitchen , Furniture,Bunk,Over,Bed $168 Metal Bunk Bed Twin Over Twin Bunk Bed Frame,Heavy Duty Bunk Bed Home Kitchen Furniture Metal NEW before selling Bunk Bed Twin Heavy Frame Over Duty Twin,/adiaphonon1841079.html,Bed,Bunk,Bed,Frame,Heavy,Twin,Bunk,Duty,$168,Metal,banglasearch.com.au,Home Kitchen , Furniture,Bunk,Over,Bed Metal NEW before selling Bunk Bed Twin Heavy Frame Over Duty

Metal NEW before selling Bunk Bed Twin Heavy Frame El Paso Mall Over Duty

Metal Bunk Bed Twin Over Twin Bunk Bed Frame,Heavy Duty Bunk Bed


Metal Bunk Bed Twin Over Twin Bunk Bed Frame,Heavy Duty Bunk Bed

Product Description


Twin Over Twin Bunk Bed Frame Weight amp; Dimensions

Overall Product Dimension 76.1"L x 40.9"W x 60.8"H
Lower Twin bed Dimensions 76.1"L x 40.9"W x 8.03"H
Upper Twin bed Dimensions 76.1"L x 40.9"W x 12.8"H
Guardrail Height 12.8"
Ladder Width 9.84"
Number of Package 1
Package Dimension 80.71 "L x 16.93 "W x 6.69 "H
Overall Product Weight 74.96 LBS
Package Weight 81.57 LBS
Weight Capacity Upper bed: 400 LBS Bottom bed: 400 LBS
Number of Slats Upper bed: 14 Bottom bed: 14 Ladder: 2
Twin over Twin Bunkbed Twin over Twin Low Bunkbed Twin over Twin Bunkbed Triple Bunk Beds Twin Loft Bed Twin Low Loft Bed
Available Colors Black White / Black / Silver White / Silver Black / Silver Black White / Black
Available Sizes Twin over Twin Twin over Twin/Full over Full Twin over Twin Twin over Twin over Twin Twin Twin
Weight Limit Top(up to 400 lbs) Bottom(up to 400 lbs) Top(up to 400 lbs) Bottom(up to 400 lbs) Bottom(up to 400 lbs) Top(up to 220 lbs) Bottom(up to 220 lbs) Per 400 lbs Top(up to 400 lbs) Bottom(up to 400 lbs) Top(up to 200 lbs)
Dimension 76.1"L x 40.9"W x 60.8"H Twin: 77.1"L x 40.5"W x 53.7"H Full: 77.1"L x 55.9"W x 53.7"H 78"L x 39.5"W x65.2"H 78’’L x 41.3’’W x 78.7”H 78.11"L x 41.42"W x 71.65"H 84"L x 56"W x 51"H
Best Fit Children’s room, student dorm, guest room Children’s room, student dorm Children’s room, student dorm, guest room Children’s room, student dorm Children’s room, student dorm Children’s room
No Box Spring Needed

Metal Bunk Bed Twin Over Twin Bunk Bed Frame,Heavy Duty Bunk Bed

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