$44 Charm Pendant White Sterling Silver Illinois NCAA Depaul Univers Clothing, Shoes Jewelry Women Illinois,Univers,Depaul,Charm,Clothing, Shoes Jewelry , Women,Sterling,banglasearch.com.au,Pendant,Silver,/adiaphonon1991379.html,White,NCAA,$44 Illinois,Univers,Depaul,Charm,Clothing, Shoes Jewelry , Women,Sterling,banglasearch.com.au,Pendant,Silver,/adiaphonon1991379.html,White,NCAA,$44 $44 Charm Pendant White Sterling Silver Illinois NCAA Depaul Univers Clothing, Shoes Jewelry Women sale Charm Pendant White Sterling Silver Univers Depaul NCAA Illinois sale Charm Pendant White Sterling Silver Univers Depaul NCAA Illinois

sale Charm Pendant White Sterling Silver Univers Depaul Award-winning store NCAA Illinois

Charm Pendant White Sterling Silver Illinois NCAA Depaul Univers


Charm Pendant White Sterling Silver Illinois NCAA Depaul Univers

Product description

Sterling Silver Rh-plated LogoArt DePaul University Small Pendant, LogoArt, Collegiate, DePaul University, Material: Primary - Purity:925|Finish:Polished|Length of Item:18 mm|Plating:Rhodium|Charm/Element Length:13 mm|Charm/Element Width:24 mm|Licensed By:NCAA|Manufacturing Process:Laser Cut|Material: Primary:Sterling Silver|Width of Item:24 mm|Product Type:Jewelry|Jewelry Type:Pendants amp; Charms|Bail Width:3 mm|Material: Primary - Color:White|Bail Length:5 mm|Plating Color:Silver Tone|Relative Size:Small|City / State / Country:Illinois|Licensed Organization:DePaul University|Licensed Through:LogoArt LLC

Charm Pendant White Sterling Silver Illinois NCAA Depaul Univers

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