4 years warranty Solid Steel Vehicle Dolly Car Tractors Moving Heavy for 4 years warranty Solid Steel Vehicle Dolly Car Tractors Moving Heavy for $181 Solid Steel Vehicle Dolly, Car Dolly, for Moving Tractors Heavy Industrial Scientific Material Handling Products /antipeduncular1991298.html,Car,Dolly,,Solid,Industrial Scientific , Material Handling Products,Moving,$181,banglasearch.com.au,for,Heavy,Vehicle,Steel,Dolly,,Tractors /antipeduncular1991298.html,Car,Dolly,,Solid,Industrial Scientific , Material Handling Products,Moving,$181,banglasearch.com.au,for,Heavy,Vehicle,Steel,Dolly,,Tractors $181 Solid Steel Vehicle Dolly, Car Dolly, for Moving Tractors Heavy Industrial Scientific Material Handling Products

4 years warranty Solid Steel Vehicle Dolly San Diego Mall Car Tractors Moving Heavy for

Solid Steel Vehicle Dolly, Car Dolly, for Moving Tractors Heavy


Solid Steel Vehicle Dolly, Car Dolly, for Moving Tractors Heavy

Product description

description of goods:
This type of tire wheel dolly is made from solid diamond plate steel with tough protective coated finish. Its 4 wheels can easy roll 360 degrees with much less force than is required with traditional dollies. It is great for moving cars, boats, tractors and other heavy vehicles. It rated at 1500 lbs, which will greatly help your repairing work.

Solid Steel Vehicle Dolly, Car Dolly, for Moving Tractors Heavy

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