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KUJOBUY Automatic Sprinkler Limited trust time for free shipping DIY Garden Irrig Drip Watering Micro

KUJOBUY Automatic Sprinkler DIY Garden Watering Micro Drip Irrig


KUJOBUY Automatic Sprinkler DIY Garden Watering Micro Drip Irrig

Product description

Size:25M / 85 PCS


Material: PVC + ABS

Color: As the pictures shown


- Suitable for indoor and outdoor plants.

- Brings much fun in a watering garden or potted plants.

- No water wasting, feed the plant to its best demand.

- Each single drip head can be adjusted as different plants need.

- Complete irrigation system kit for automatically watering flowers and plants.

- Automatic watering and time saving, you don't have to worry about your plants whether you are at home or not.

- Great for agriculture, lawn, garden, patio, greenhouse ,swimming pool, misting fog cooling/irrigation, watering, greenhouse, humidification, balcony cooling, irrigation (watering flowers, grass, vegetables).

25M/85PCS Package Included:

1 x 25M Hose

1 x 2-way Connector

3 x Quick Connector

1 x Pacifier Connector

10 x Atomizing Nozzle

15 x Adjustable Dripper

15 x T-connector

10 x Flat Tee

15 x Fixed Stem

10 x Single Hook

3 x Plug

1 x Hole Punch

KUJOBUY Automatic Sprinkler DIY Garden Watering Micro Drip Irrig

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