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Heather Ann Creations Super intense SALE 30

Heather Ann Creations 30" Antique White Becker Collection Handcr


Heather Ann Creations 30" Antique White Becker Collection Handcr

Product description

Color:Antique White

A touch of classic beauty with this classic Greek inspired design. The Becker Collection from Heather Ann Creations brings you The Handcrafted Greek Key Cabinet with Mirror Door. This elegant piece of functional décor is designed to spruce up your living space with a timeless design aesthetic that will pair with any theme in your home, while providing ample storage space. This storage cabinet is masterfully handcrafted from only the best hardwoods and features a hand trimmed mirror on the door to complete this classic furniture piece. The Greek Key cabinet comes preassembled for your convenience, meaning it ready for display out of the box upon arrival to your home. This freestanding cabinet features a classic antique white finish. With Heather Ann Creations, you are getting only the best in hand crafted furniture and home decor. The Greek Key cabinet measures 18"L x 13"W x 30"H to perfectly fit your living room, den, or foyer. Heather Ann Creations has been an industry leader in home products for over 20 years, meaning you can purchase our products with absolute confidence.

Heather Ann Creations 30" Antique White Becker Collection Handcr

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