$61 NC56 100x180cm Fashion Hand Chunky Wool Knitted Blanket Thick Ya Home Kitchen Bedding $61 NC56 100x180cm Fashion Hand Chunky Wool Knitted Blanket Thick Ya Home Kitchen Bedding banglasearch.com.au,100x180cm,$61,Fashion,Home Kitchen , Bedding,/churm1991442.html,Wool,Chunky,NC56,Knitted,Thick,Hand,Ya,Blanket banglasearch.com.au,100x180cm,$61,Fashion,Home Kitchen , Bedding,/churm1991442.html,Wool,Chunky,NC56,Knitted,Thick,Hand,Ya,Blanket NC56 100x180cm Overseas parallel import regular item Fashion Hand Chunky Blanket Knitted Thick Wool Ya NC56 100x180cm Overseas parallel import regular item Fashion Hand Chunky Blanket Knitted Thick Wool Ya

NC56 100x180cm Overseas parallel import regular item Fashion Hand Chunky Blanket Easy-to-use Knitted Thick Wool Ya

NC56 100x180cm Fashion Hand Chunky Wool Knitted Blanket Thick Ya


NC56 100x180cm Fashion Hand Chunky Wool Knitted Blanket Thick Ya

Product description

Material:100% Acrylic
Pattern Type:Solid
Type:Coral Fleece Fabric
Grade:Grade A
Model Number:A00259
Pattern:Yarn Dyed
Set Type:yes
Color Fastness (Grade):4
Wash Style:Mechanical Wash
Age Group:Adults
Pattern Type:Solid color
Type:Wool woven finished blanket
Washing Tips:Hand Wash amp; Mechanical Wash
Use:Home, Hotel.photography
Seasons:Spring, Summer, Autumn, Winter

NC56 100x180cm Fashion Hand Chunky Wool Knitted Blanket Thick Ya

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