$56 Laura Ashley Home - Charlotte Collection - Luxury Premium Ultra Home Kitchen Bedding $56 Laura Ashley Home - Charlotte Collection - Luxury Premium Ultra Home Kitchen Bedding Laura Ashley Home - Ranking TOP10 Charlotte Luxury Premium Ultra Collection Collection,$56,Charlotte,Ashley,Luxury,Home,Home Kitchen , Bedding,Laura,Ultra,/comprehensibility1991378.html,banglasearch.com.au,-,-,Premium Laura Ashley Home - Ranking TOP10 Charlotte Luxury Premium Ultra Collection Collection,$56,Charlotte,Ashley,Luxury,Home,Home Kitchen , Bedding,Laura,Ultra,/comprehensibility1991378.html,banglasearch.com.au,-,-,Premium

Laura Ashley Home - Ranking TOP10 Charlotte Luxury Fresno Mall Premium Ultra Collection

Laura Ashley Home - Charlotte Collection - Luxury Premium Ultra


Laura Ashley Home - Charlotte Collection - Luxury Premium Ultra

Product description


Laura Ashley Charlotte duvet cover set brings a the timeless appeal to any bedroom. The centerpiece of the collection is an elegant “tree of life” print that appears on the standard shams and duvet cover where it is framed by an intricate double border pieced on the outer edges. This gorgeous collection is 100Percent cotton and machine washable for easy care. Duvet cover features button closure with inner ties. Twin duvet cover set includes one duvet cover (86"x66") and one sham (21"x27"). full/queen duvet cover set includes one duvet cover (92"x88") and two shams (21"x27"). King duvet cover set includes one duvet cover (92"x106") and two shams (21"x37").

Laura Ashley Home - Charlotte Collection - Luxury Premium Ultra

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