vidaXL Artificial Grass Plant with Home Bulrush Decor Fashion Art Garden Home,with,Decor,Artificial,,vidaXL,/decorousness1991454.html,Art,Grass,Home Kitchen , Home Décor Products,Plant,$38,Bulrush,Garden vidaXL Artificial Grass Plant with Home Bulrush Decor Fashion Art Garden Home,with,Decor,Artificial,,vidaXL,/decorousness1991454.html,Art,Grass,Home Kitchen , Home Décor Products,Plant,$38,Bulrush,Garden $38 vidaXL Artificial Grass Plant with Bulrush Home Garden Decor Art Home Kitchen Home Décor Products $38 vidaXL Artificial Grass Plant with Bulrush Home Garden Decor Art Home Kitchen Home Décor Products

vidaXL Artificial Grass Plant Ranking TOP8 with Home Bulrush Decor Fashion Art Garden

vidaXL Artificial Grass Plant with Bulrush Home Garden Decor Art


vidaXL Artificial Grass Plant with Bulrush Home Garden Decor Art

Product description


Add some greenery to your interior with this lifelike artificial grass plant!

This plant is 85 cm / 120 cm high which will definitely be the perfect choice for your home or office interior. This artificial grass plant is easy to maintain as it is not necessary in want of any care or water. Accordingly, simply put it in a setting of your choice, then you can live it up this indoor plant for a month of Sundays.

Delivery includes 1 artificial plant and 1 pot.

  • Plant Color: Green and brown
  • Pot Color: Black
  • Material: Plastic
  • Total height: 33.5" / 47.2"
  • Pot dimensions: 4.9" x 4.5" / 5.9" x 5" (Diameter x H)
  • Delivery includes 1 artificial plant and 1 pot

vidaXL Artificial Grass Plant with Bulrush Home Garden Decor Art

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