$355,Thickened,banglasearch.com.au,Steak,Striped,Cast,Iron,BBQ,Pan,/emanatively1840890.html,Frying,30cm,Gril,Home Kitchen , Kitchen Dining,OIPYI $355 OIPYI 30cm Thickened Striped Cast Iron Steak Frying Pan BBQ Gril Home Kitchen Kitchen Dining $355,Thickened,banglasearch.com.au,Steak,Striped,Cast,Iron,BBQ,Pan,/emanatively1840890.html,Frying,30cm,Gril,Home Kitchen , Kitchen Dining,OIPYI $355 OIPYI 30cm Thickened Striped Cast Iron Steak Frying Pan BBQ Gril Home Kitchen Kitchen Dining OIPYI 30cm Thickened Striped Cast Iron BBQ Frying Pan gift Gril Steak OIPYI 30cm Thickened Striped Cast Iron BBQ Frying Pan gift Gril Steak

OIPYI 30cm 5 popular Thickened Striped Cast Iron BBQ Frying Pan gift Gril Steak

OIPYI 30cm Thickened Striped Cast Iron Steak Frying Pan BBQ Gril


OIPYI 30cm Thickened Striped Cast Iron Steak Frying Pan BBQ Gril

Product description

Top quality:The frying pan is made of 100% cast iron material with Anti-scalding wooden long handle, If Maintained Properly, the service life is more than 50 years.
Nonstick: Safe and healthy natural uncoated non-stick pan
Multi-purpose:30cm(pan diameter) be used to fry .steaks,pancake,pizzas,pie,omelettes,ham,sandwich,stir-fries,Roast meat,BBQ plate, etc.....
Good for health: It can keep the original flavour of the food furthest and releases microelement from pan into the food.
Suitable for: Gas Stove amp; Induction cooker. . . . .

Note: cleaning Step before first use and maintenance methods
1.Washing with water and Detergent first
2. Heating the pot on the stove and then use the pork fat or cooking oil to wipe the inner wall of the pan for 10-20 minutes
3. Then after 10 hour, clean the pot with detergent and water again
4. After every cleaning, drying it and keep dry(To prevent oxidize rust).
Product size:30cm(pot diameter)
Main material:Cast Iron
Suitable for:gas stove/Charcoal stove/Induction cooker

OIPYI 30cm Thickened Striped Cast Iron Steak Frying Pan BBQ Gril

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