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Paint Challenge the lowest price by Numbers Kits DIY for Painting Ranking TOP7 Adults Kids

Paint by Numbers Kits,DIY Painting by Numbers for Adults Kids,


Paint by Numbers Kits,DIY Painting by Numbers for Adults Kids,

Product description


Our exquisite paint by numbers can meet the pursuit and experience of art by people of different ages and creat the amazing masterpieces in own ways.

? Instructions for use:
➀ Match the numbers on the canvas to the label figures of the acrylic paint to fill in the paint,also can DIY paint by numbers in your own favorite way.
➁ After filling the entire canvas carefully and patiently,let paint by numbers dry for a few hours or overnight and it is ready to hang.

? Diy Paint by Numbers for Kids:
Oil Paint by Numbers is a great educational toy,not only keeps children away from electronic products,but also can cultivates children's interest in art while having fun.And good for enhancing parent-child relationship.

? Diy Oil Painting Paint by Number Kit for Adults:
DIY Paint by Numbers is a good way to relax yourself and get lots of fun in busy life,good for relieving stress amp; forgetting worries.You will enjoy the painting time to your heart's content.

? Main Features:
☪Stretched and framed oil canvas is easy to color,if you accidentally fill in the wrong color,just wait for the paint to dry,then use the correct color to paint on the surface of the canvas.
☪Acrylic paints with vivid colors,safe and eco-friendly paints let you can use it with confidence.
☪3 different size of quality paintbrushes can paint different areas on the canvas,make your digital oil painting looks more realistic.
☪Oil paint by numbers can be stored for a long time,not easy to fade.

? Size Informations:

? Warm Notice:
No need to add water to mix the pigments,can be painted directly.
Wash the brush when you change colors every time or stop painting.
If you have any questions,please contact us at any time.

Paint by Numbers Kits,DIY Painting by Numbers for Adults Kids,



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