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Black Metal Clothing Racks OFFer for R Garment Hanging Modern Clothes Ranking TOP4

Black Metal Clothing Racks for Hanging Clothes, Modern Garment R


Black Metal Clothing Racks for Hanging Clothes, Modern Garment R

Product description



【Modern Decor】:Cast iron and baking varnish.The triangular frame complements modern home and commercial decor

【Easy to Assemble】:With the instructions,the assembly requires two people to collaborate.

【Strong and Stable】:4 adjustable rubber feet ensure the black garment rack can stand on the ground smoothly.

【Lightweight】:Suitable for retail store,laundry room,bedroom,boutiques.

【Size】: Length 47.2 x Height 59 x Depth 13.8 in.

-Package Contents:

1 x Clothing Rack

1 x Assembly Manual

1 x

Black Metal Clothing Racks for Hanging Clothes, Modern Garment R



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