Special sale item 20CM Diameter Clear World Globe Self-Assembly with Stand Metal D with,Metal,World,Stand,banglasearch.com.au,Diameter,$42,Clear,20CM,Globe,Toys Games , Learning Education,/adiaphonon1460179.html,D,Self-Assembly $42 20CM Diameter Clear World Globe with Metal Stand Self-Assembly D Toys Games Learning Education with,Metal,World,Stand,banglasearch.com.au,Diameter,$42,Clear,20CM,Globe,Toys Games , Learning Education,/adiaphonon1460179.html,D,Self-Assembly Special sale item 20CM Diameter Clear World Globe Self-Assembly with Stand Metal D $42 20CM Diameter Clear World Globe with Metal Stand Self-Assembly D Toys Games Learning Education

Special sale item 20CM Diameter Clear Cheap mail order specialty store World Globe Self-Assembly with Stand Metal D

20CM Diameter Clear World Globe with Metal Stand Self-Assembly D


20CM Diameter Clear World Globe with Metal Stand Self-Assembly D

Product description


20CM Diameter Self-Assembly Dustproof Clear World Globe Showcase

?Easy to Assemble
Only few steps to build a clear world globe showcase by yourself without any doubts. A clear user manual with illustrations provides enough information to you for self-assembling.

?Extreme High Transparency
2mm acrylic sheets and lid with 95% transmittance, optical clarity and doesn't yellow with all edges, no distortion vision to your displayed items.

?Educational Fun
Ideal for teaching activities in a fun and interactive way about the geography of our wonderful planet Earth.This is a must have item to inspire anyone’s development.

Beautiful decorative accent or center piece in any rooms and parties, and great gift ideas for any occasion.

?High Quality
Featuring a non-toxic waterproof, scratch proof, easy clean plastic sphere, solid metal base seat, it rotates smoothly through 360 degrees and is built to last a lifetime.

??Assembly steps:
1.Rotate the bracket clockwise and install it into the base.
2.Install the south pole cap into the bracket.
3.Install the southern hemisphere into the Antarctic cover.
4.Insert the bracket platform into the jack.
5.Put any toys or Collections you like in it.
6.Put the northern hemisphere into the slot, turn the northern hemisphere until it clicks , and install the bracket rotating shaft into the north pole cover.

Size: 20CM Diameter Clear World Globe Showcase
Color: Green ,Pink , Gold Colors Can be Choose

??Package content:
1x20CM Diameter Self-Assembly Dustproof Clear World Globe Showcase.
1x Bracket.
1x Luminous Dinosaur Toy

?Worry-Free Purchase:

If you're not completely satisfied with our product, feel free to contact us, we will reply within 24 hours.

20CM Diameter Clear World Globe with Metal Stand Self-Assembly D

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