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PETKIT Brand new ACTRD Max 60% OFF P2 Smart Activity Monitor

PETKIT ACTRD P2 Smart Activity Monitor


PETKIT ACTRD P2 Smart Activity Monitor

Product Description

Fit P2- Smart Wearable Device for Your Pets Colorful Life

Want to know more about your pests?
Interested in her/his sleep ?Do you know whether she/he is happy or not when you left home for work?
Do you know how much exercise she/he does today? Do you know her/his consumption everyday?
All can be solved for you now,no matter a newborn dog/cat or an old dog/cat. PETKIT P2 smart pet activity monitor can tell you those!
A cool pet wearable device award iF International Forum Design GmbH !

Light and Elegant

Light But Safe

  • Magnalium as main material.Sturdy,Portable.
Soft Hand Touch
  • 180#Zircon grains with high-speed grinding, Smooth body surface, Scuffing-resistant, Comfortable to wear​
Strong And Sturdy
  • Work perfectly as usual even in the falling test and terrible weather
Water/Dust Resist
  • LED laser carving holes,Highly-fitted sealing ring, Euphotic, water and dust proof

Function Details

Activity Monitoring

  • An adapted and advanced sensor, P2 records pet activities 24/7, collects the information and sends it to the Cloud for calculations and analysis,and finally reports the pet's actual performance on the APP.

Consumption Record

    According to your pet's information, recorded by P2, the expended calories can be precisely calculated. Combined with foods and consumption trends, the quantity of food your pet consumes can be controlled clearly.

Sleep Analysis

    P2 tells you how much sleep your pet has had, if it was deep sleep or light sleep, how much is recommended and so on.

Fit Report
   "Today's mood is happy. Health condition is under the standard; Insufficient in total activity time; Too much intense activity time today; Deep sleep time insufficient." Detailed daily performance with 24 hours continuosly detection.

PETKIT ACTRD P2 Smart Activity Monitor

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