Sharp,Slicing,Knife,/anaktoron1460449.html,Boning,Super,Knife,,,Handmade,$42,K,Home Kitchen , Kitchen Dining,Forged,Boning $42 Boning Knife, Handmade Slicing Knife Super Sharp Forged Boning K Home Kitchen Kitchen Dining Boning Max 49% OFF Knife Handmade Slicing Sharp K Super Forged $42 Boning Knife, Handmade Slicing Knife Super Sharp Forged Boning K Home Kitchen Kitchen Dining Boning Max 49% OFF Knife Handmade Slicing Sharp K Super Forged Sharp,Slicing,Knife,/anaktoron1460449.html,Boning,Super,Knife,,,Handmade,$42,K,Home Kitchen , Kitchen Dining,Forged,Boning

Boning Max 49% OFF Knife Louisville-Jefferson County Mall Handmade Slicing Sharp K Super Forged

Boning Knife, Handmade Slicing Knife Super Sharp Forged Boning K


Boning Knife, Handmade Slicing Knife Super Sharp Forged Boning K

Product description

Full Length: 35 cm
Blade length: 18 cm
Blade width: 3.5 cm
Blade thickness: 3 mm
Handle length: 12 cm
Material:7cr17mov stainless steel
Handle material: Acid branch wood
HRC hardness: 58+-2HRC
Net weight: 300 g

Boning Knife, Handmade Slicing Knife Super Sharp Forged Boning K



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