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CICIN 800 Ml Semiconductor Dehumidifier Air Mini Portable Many Cheap mail order shopping popular brands Home D

CICIN 800 Ml Semiconductor Dehumidifier Mini Portable Home Air D


CICIN 800 Ml Semiconductor Dehumidifier Mini Portable Home Air D

Product description

product description:

Say goodbye to the damp environment!

The compact and powerful dehumidifier is a must-have to remove moisture from the air, giving you a dry, comfortable and healthy living space.

Portable and compact

This compact and portable design makes it easy to move the dehumidifier from the inside, saving money and space. Also, it's better in a small space that can protect your expensive things well

Product Name: Home Smart Dehumidifier
Power: 25w
Color: black red
Material: ABS material
Output voltage: 9v
Dehumidification capacity: 200-300ml
Product size: 16*14*23cm
Water tank capacity: 800ml
Power cord length: 1.7m

1. Always keep the dehumidifier in an upright position to avoid leakage.
2. When the water tank is full, please turn off the device. Do not tilt the water tank when the water tank is full.
3. Keep the air inlet and outlet ports from being blocked.

CICIN 800 Ml Semiconductor Dehumidifier Mini Portable Home Air D

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