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Murzider 4L Quiet Operation Top Max Bargain 62% OFF Fill Knob Humi Control Cool Mist

Murzider 4L Quiet Operation Top Fill Cool Mist Knob Control Humi


Murzider 4L Quiet Operation Top Fill Cool Mist Knob Control Humi

Product description

4L large capacity water tank tank, no need to add water frequently, humidification up to 15 hours. Convenient top water filling design makes water filling more convenient. The large open water tank can be directly washed by hand.
Low-noise design, the sound does not exceed 35dB during operation, and does not affect work and rest.
According to personal needs, the four humidification modes can be adjusted freely to create a more comfortable environment for you. Knob control, simple operation.
The water tank is equipped with a filter element water purification device, which can filter impurities and foreign bodies in the water, remove peculiar smells, and release fresh moist air.
Water shortage protection system, timely reminder and shutdown protection, safe and dry-burn prevention.

Murzider 4L Quiet Operation Top Fill Cool Mist Knob Control Humi

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