Men,/auriculotemporal1460312.html,Electronics , Wearable Technology,,Women,,Waterp,Smart,for,Fitness,Watches,TTSLVS,$62,Tracker,Watch TTSLVS Smart Watch Fitness Tracker Watches Women for Waterp Max 88% OFF Men $62 TTSLVS Smart Watch Fitness Tracker Watches for Men Women, Waterp Electronics Wearable Technology TTSLVS Smart Watch Fitness Tracker Watches Women for Waterp Max 88% OFF Men $62 TTSLVS Smart Watch Fitness Tracker Watches for Men Women, Waterp Electronics Wearable Technology Men,/auriculotemporal1460312.html,Electronics , Wearable Technology,,Women,,Waterp,Smart,for,Fitness,Watches,TTSLVS,$62,Tracker,Watch

TTSLVS Smart Watch Fitness Max 42% OFF Tracker Watches Women for Waterp Max 88% OFF Men

TTSLVS Smart Watch Fitness Tracker Watches for Men Women, Waterp


TTSLVS Smart Watch Fitness Tracker Watches for Men Women, Waterp

Product description

Main Feature:
smart watch for seniors,like smart phones, supports two-way calls, video calls, GPS positioning, one-key SOS emergency calling, anti-lost, activity tracking, geofencing, voice chat, remote voice monitoring, pedometer, Sedentary reminder, anti-fall alarm etc.

Camera: 3 million pixels
Battery capacity: 750mAh
Screen size: 1.4 inches 240*240 color touch screen
Strap size: suitable for 125-200 mm wrist circumference
Body memory: 4GB
Running memory: 512M
Operation mode: touch + button
Wristband material: environmentally friendly silicone
Interface: magnetic charging
Product size: 230*40.3*14.8MM
Product weight: 46g
Communication type: pluggable card
Applicable people: adults, elderly, children, older youth, students

Package content:
1x GPS Watch
1x USB Cable
1x User Manual
1X screwdriver
1X packing box

TTSLVS Smart Watch Fitness Tracker Watches for Men Women, Waterp

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