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Aoutecen Cupcake Sale price Year-end gift Pan Bakeware B Tray Non‑Stick

Aoutecen Cupcake Pan Bakeware Non‑Stick Cupcake Tray Cupcake B


Aoutecen Cupcake Pan Bakeware Non‑Stick Cupcake Tray Cupcake B

Product description


1. You can use this 48‑cup pan to bake four dozen mini muffins or cupcakes at once.
2. Easy to release, non‑stick coating, make complete and beautiful cakes, easy to cook and clean.
3. Carbon steel + PTFE coating material, carbon steel is a good choice for bakeries due to its durability and high performance.
4. Carbon steel material has good thermal conductivity and the food material can be heated evenly.
5. The cover layer of the is made of PTEE coating, which can be easily cleaned and demolded.


Item Type:

Aoutecen Cupcake Pan Bakeware Non‑Stick Cupcake Tray Cupcake B


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