Drawer,Tools Home Improvement , Hardware,/chairmaking1460492.html,Bearing,Runners,,Black,Ball,Sli,Extension,Jsmhh,X2,$32,banglasearch.com.au,3-fold $32 Jsmhh X2 Black Drawer Runners, 3-fold Extension Ball Bearing Sli Tools Home Improvement Hardware Drawer,Tools Home Improvement , Hardware,/chairmaking1460492.html,Bearing,Runners,,Black,Ball,Sli,Extension,Jsmhh,X2,$32,banglasearch.com.au,3-fold Jsmhh X2 Black Drawer Runners 3-fold Popular standard Extension Bearing Ball Sli $32 Jsmhh X2 Black Drawer Runners, 3-fold Extension Ball Bearing Sli Tools Home Improvement Hardware Jsmhh X2 Black Drawer Runners 3-fold Popular standard Extension Bearing Ball Sli

Jsmhh X2 Black Drawer Runners 3-fold Popular standard Extension Bearing Ranking TOP17 Ball Sli

Jsmhh X2 Black Drawer Runners, 3-fold Extension Ball Bearing Sli


Jsmhh X2 Black Drawer Runners, 3-fold Extension Ball Bearing Sli

Product description


Some products will accept customization. You can consult customer service via email to customize the pictures or shapes you want.
The drawer slide rail is easy to install and remove. Telescopic slider structure. A part of the slider can be removed, which makes the installation of the slider easier.
Features / functions
● Cold rolled steel material, high hardness, strong load bearing
● Solid ball bearings, smooth sliding
● 3 folds fully extended to make the drawer use more space
● Damping buffer, mute, soft close
● One-click disassembly design
Name: drawer slide
Material: Cold rolled steel
Colour: Black
Bearing capacity: 45kg
Closed length: 25cm / 10in, 30cm / 12in, 35cm / 14in, 40cm / 16in, 45cm / 18in, 50cm / 20in
Packing quantity: 1 pair (2 pieces)
Installation: side installation
My products have passed strict quality inspection procedures, you can rest assured to buy

Jsmhh X2 Black Drawer Runners, 3-fold Extension Ball Bearing Sli


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