$28 Pinsofy Camera, Waterproof Action Camera, Anti‑Shake Outdoor R Electronics Camera Photo Pinsofy Camera Waterproof Action R Outdoor Anti‑Shake SALENEW very popular! banglasearch.com.au,Electronics , Camera Photo,Camera,,Camera,,Pinsofy,Action,$28,Anti‑Shake,R,Outdoor,/chairmaking1617292.html,Waterproof Pinsofy Camera Waterproof Action R Outdoor Anti‑Shake SALENEW very popular! $28 Pinsofy Camera, Waterproof Action Camera, Anti‑Shake Outdoor R Electronics Camera Photo banglasearch.com.au,Electronics , Camera Photo,Camera,,Camera,,Pinsofy,Action,$28,Anti‑Shake,R,Outdoor,/chairmaking1617292.html,Waterproof

Pinsofy Camera Waterproof Selling and selling Action R Outdoor Anti‑Shake SALENEW very popular

Pinsofy Camera, Waterproof Action Camera, Anti‑Shake Outdoor R


Pinsofy Camera, Waterproof Action Camera, Anti‑Shake Outdoor R

Product description


1. Wide Angle photography helps you can collect all the people and fascinating scenery you like.
2. Support various shooting mode, support continuous shooting, single photo, recording every happy and warm moment.
3. 4K image, static 16 megapixel, high definition image sensor, this product support wifi control and playback.
4. Intelligent anti‑shake function, can make the picture clearer, more stable, suitable for cycling, rafting, skiing, running, etc
5. Waterproof design, waterproof depth can up to 30m/98.4ft, you can use this product in rain days freely.


Condition: 100% Brand New

Item Type:

Pinsofy Camera, Waterproof Action Camera, Anti‑Shake Outdoor R


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