SALUTUY,$27,Light,Aromatherapy,Air,Home Kitchen , Heating, Cooling Air Quality,/churm1460442.html,Led,Diffuser,,,7-Color,Humidifier SALUTUY Aromatherapy Diffuser Air Light unisex Humidifier Led 7-Color SALUTUY Aromatherapy Diffuser Air Light unisex Humidifier Led 7-Color $27 SALUTUY Aromatherapy Diffuser, Air Humidifier 7-Color Led Light Home Kitchen Heating, Cooling Air Quality SALUTUY,$27,Light,Aromatherapy,Air,Home Kitchen , Heating, Cooling Air Quality,/churm1460442.html,Led,Diffuser,,,7-Color,Humidifier $27 SALUTUY Aromatherapy Diffuser, Air Humidifier 7-Color Led Light Home Kitchen Heating, Cooling Air Quality

SALUTUY Aromatherapy Diffuser Air Light Popular popular unisex Humidifier Led 7-Color

SALUTUY Aromatherapy Diffuser, Air Humidifier 7-Color Led Light


SALUTUY Aromatherapy Diffuser, Air Humidifier 7-Color Led Light

Product description

1. The working time of continuous use is about 24 hours, and the power will be cut off automatically if there is no water
2. Our diffuser is very quiet at work, only 35db silent humidification, will not disturb your sleep and rest at all
3. Classic wood grain finish, natural wood grain appearance and unique shape design. Ideal for your room, office
4. 7‑color LED light, The color can be changed, and the seven‑color ambient light helps improve your sleep
5. Suitable for all seasons, put a humidifier in summer or winter to increase humidity.

How to Use:

SALUTUY Aromatherapy Diffuser, Air Humidifier 7-Color Led Light

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