Pyle PYRPHPW5 PHPW5 Professional Year-end gift Wireless 5-in-1 Headphone Syste $17 Pyle PYRPHPW5 PHPW5 Professional 5-in-1 Wireless Headphone Syste Electronics Headphones Pyle PYRPHPW5 PHPW5 Professional Year-end gift Wireless 5-in-1 Headphone Syste $17 Pyle PYRPHPW5 PHPW5 Professional 5-in-1 Wireless Headphone Syste Electronics Headphones Professional,/comprehensibility1616878.html,Syste,PYRPHPW5,Electronics , Headphones,Wireless,Headphone,PHPW5,,5-in-1,$17,Pyle Professional,/comprehensibility1616878.html,Syste,PYRPHPW5,Electronics , Headphones,Wireless,Headphone,PHPW5,,5-in-1,$17,Pyle

Pyle Oklahoma City Mall PYRPHPW5 PHPW5 Professional Year-end gift Wireless 5-in-1 Headphone Syste

Pyle PYRPHPW5 PHPW5 Professional 5-in-1 Wireless Headphone Syste


Pyle PYRPHPW5 PHPW5 Professional 5-in-1 Wireless Headphone Syste

Product description

the Php5w Wireless Headphone System Lets You Listen To Television, Music, And Your Computer Privately In High-fidelity Without Disturbing Others. Hook It Up To Any Device With A 3.5mm Output - Your Television Set, Your Computer, A Video Game Console, Your Ipod Or Iphone, Or Even A Baby Monitor. The Php5w Delivers Superior Sound Performance Thanks To The Hi-fi And Bass Effect Controls. And A Built-in Fm Radio Lets You Tune Into Your Favorite Stations.

Pyle PYRPHPW5 PHPW5 Professional 5-in-1 Wireless Headphone Syste

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