$34 Kuuleyn Screen, 5-Inch HDMI Monitor LCD 4-Wire Resistive Touch M Electronics Computers Accessories Kuuleyn Screen 5-Inch HDMI Monitor LCD Resistive Sales for sale Touch M 4-Wire $34 Kuuleyn Screen, 5-Inch HDMI Monitor LCD 4-Wire Resistive Touch M Electronics Computers Accessories Kuuleyn Screen 5-Inch HDMI Monitor LCD Resistive Sales for sale Touch M 4-Wire Touch,5-Inch,Electronics , Computers Accessories,Resistive,HDMI,Kuuleyn,M,banglasearch.com.au,$34,Screen,,LCD,/comprehensibility1616978.html,4-Wire,Monitor Touch,5-Inch,Electronics , Computers Accessories,Resistive,HDMI,Kuuleyn,M,banglasearch.com.au,$34,Screen,,LCD,/comprehensibility1616978.html,4-Wire,Monitor

Kuuleyn Screen 5-Inch HDMI Monitor LCD Ranking TOP11 Resistive Sales for sale Touch M 4-Wire

Kuuleyn Screen, 5-Inch HDMI Monitor LCD 4-Wire Resistive Touch M


Kuuleyn Screen, 5-Inch HDMI Monitor LCD 4-Wire Resistive Touch M

Product description


1. More perfect user experience can be brought by high-definition HDMI and signal input.
2. With long service life and high practicality, screen for Raspberry Pi keeps guaranteed quality.
3. Used with confidence, this LCD screen keeps 4-wire resistive touch profile with high durability.
4. Multifunctional use, such display can be used for other display functions through the signal transmission line.
5. Show clearer picture quality, such screen's installation needs no extral step, easy to use.


Item Type: Screen for Raspberry Pi
Size: 5.0 inch
Resolution: 800 x 480(dots)
Touch: 4-wire resistive touch profile
Weight (Including Packaging): 206(g)
Current: 0.34A
Voltage: DC5V
Power: 1.7W
Transfer Interface: For Raspberry Pi 3 model transfer interface

Package List:

1 x Screen1 x Optical Drive1 x Adapter1 x Touch Screen Pen4 x Standoff4 x Nut

Kuuleyn Screen, 5-Inch HDMI Monitor LCD 4-Wire Resistive Touch M

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