16-Hole Grill Baking Pan + Pins Baking-sheets su Nashville-Davidson Mall 4 16-Hole Grill Baking Pan + Pins Baking-sheets su Nashville-Davidson Mall 4 $30 16-Hole Grill Baking Pan + 4 Baking Pins Baking-sheets Baking su Home Kitchen Kitchen Dining $30 16-Hole Grill Baking Pan + 4 Baking Pins Baking-sheets Baking su Home Kitchen Kitchen Dining Pan,Home Kitchen , Kitchen Dining,$30,banglasearch.com.au,Baking,Grill,Baking,4,Baking,su,16-Hole,+,Pins,/decorousness1460354.html,Baking-sheets Pan,Home Kitchen , Kitchen Dining,$30,banglasearch.com.au,Baking,Grill,Baking,4,Baking,su,16-Hole,+,Pins,/decorousness1460354.html,Baking-sheets

16-Hole Grill Baking Pan + Pins Baking-sheets su Nashville-Davidson Mall 4 Max 53% OFF

16-Hole Grill Baking Pan + 4 Baking Pins Baking-sheets Baking su


16-Hole Grill Baking Pan + 4 Baking Pins Baking-sheets Baking su

Product description

16-Hole Grill Baking Pan + 4 Baking Pins


Material: Aluminum alloy
Size: 35.5*15.5cm (13.9*6.1in)
Weight: 0.5kg(1.1lbs)
Length of baking needle: 30cm / 12in
Color: As shows in pictures

Package List:

1* Grill Pan
4* Baking needle

16-Hole Grill Baking Pan + 4 Baking Pins Baking-sheets Baking su

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