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[Alternative dealer] DANM Webcam with MIC Conference Discount is also underway USB Web Autofocus PC Came

DANM Webcam with MIC Conference PC Webcam Autofocus USB Web Came


DANM Webcam with MIC Conference PC Webcam Autofocus USB Web Came

Product description


1. Full HD Webcam.
2. 1080P/2K/4K Max Resolution Type.
3. Autofocus Lens.
4. 120 Dgree Wide Angle .
5. With Protective Cover.
6. Multi-Angle Adjustable.
7. 6 Galss Lens Quality Design.
8. Built in Microphone
9. USB Plug Connect to the PC Computer Laptop.
Package Including
1*Full HD Webcam (1080P/2K/4K to choose)
1*Protective Ca

DANM Webcam with MIC Conference PC Webcam Autofocus USB Web Came

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