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Krator Washington Mall Black Smoke Headlight Fairing Windshield Compatible Cheap sale Kit

Krator Black Smoke Headlight Fairing Windshield Kit Compatible


Krator Black Smoke Headlight Fairing Windshield Kit Compatible

Product description


  • Enhance the look with this custom black headlight fairing
  • Universal design for use on various applications
  • Combines exceptional style and protection
  • Less turbulence improves stability and performance, and decreases fatigue in your hands, arms and chest
  • This is an after market add-on headlight fairing visor


  • Color: Black with Smoke Windshield / Wind Screen
  • Material: Super Tough ABS Plastic
  • Condition: 100% Brand New


  • Universal Design for use on Various Applications

Important Please Read: These require fabrication of custom mounting brackets. Inverted front ends require fabrication of custom mounting brackets, as well. Measure the Outside Diameter of your headlight before purchasing. This fairing will fit over headlights that are 6 1/4" in diameter or less. Does not include brackets.


  • This headlight fairing is a universal design and custom modifactions will be required.
  • Drilling holes in the fairing is typically needed to attach fork mounting brackets, but this will vary from model to model.

Package Includes:

  • 1x Headlight Fairing amp; Windscreen
  • Instructions and hardware not included

Krator Black Smoke Headlight Fairing Windshield Kit Compatible


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