$54 MEJAZING Duvet Cover Sheet Set,Colorful Paint Splatter,Soft Micr Home Kitchen Bedding banglasearch.com.au,Set,Colorful,Sheet,MEJAZING,$54,Splatter,Soft,Micr,Duvet,/hydrocarbon1460106.html,Paint,Cover,Home Kitchen , Bedding MEJAZING Duvet Cover Sheet Set Micr Colorful Soft Paint Splatter Jacksonville Mall MEJAZING Duvet Cover Sheet Set Micr Colorful Soft Paint Splatter Jacksonville Mall banglasearch.com.au,Set,Colorful,Sheet,MEJAZING,$54,Splatter,Soft,Micr,Duvet,/hydrocarbon1460106.html,Paint,Cover,Home Kitchen , Bedding $54 MEJAZING Duvet Cover Sheet Set,Colorful Paint Splatter,Soft Micr Home Kitchen Bedding

MEJAZING Duvet Cover Sheet Set Micr Colorful Soft Paint mart Splatter Jacksonville Mall

MEJAZING Duvet Cover Sheet Set,Colorful Paint Splatter,Soft Micr


MEJAZING Duvet Cover Sheet Set,Colorful Paint Splatter,Soft Micr

Product description


Made of high-quality microfiber fabric, 100% polyester. it is soft, skin-friendly and high-density fabrics taken from nature, healthier and more environmentally. Color is durable. The vivid and crisp images attract the eyes of many consumers. It has a warm and soft feeling which can make you enjoy the comfort of the night.


*Craftsmanship: 3D print
* Material: High-quality Microfiber fabric.
*The Duvet Cover adopted a hidden zipper on a side which is convenient and well concealed.

Twin Size (3pcs):
Duvet Cover/1pc£º172x223cm(68 X 88 inch),
Pillow Cases/2pcs: 76x51cm (30 X 20 inch)

Queen Size (3pcs):
Duvet Cover/1pc£º223x223cm(88 X 88 inch),
Pillow Cases/2pcs: 76x51cm (30 X 20 inch)

King Size (3pcs):
Duvet Cover/1pc£º264x223cm(104 X 88 inch),
Pillow Cases/2pcs: 92x51cm (36 X 20 inch)

Avoid Sun Exposure
Easy shrink due to rising temperature.

Low Temperature to Wash Products
Gently wash it. Water temperature can be controlled in 30 degrees.
Too high temperature can damage the fabric fiber.

Reverse Washing Is Better
Rotation of the washing machine may loss the texture and color of the fabric.

Keep dry
Stop moisture from damaging the microfiber. Keep dry ensures the sheet longevity and comfort and with air aroma.


Color May Be Vary Due to Screen Resolution Of System.
If you have any problems, please contact me at any time, I'm glad to service you at any time.
Allow an error of 2-3 cm, due to hand made.

MEJAZING Duvet Cover Sheet Set,Colorful Paint Splatter,Soft Micr

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