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27" Gaming Monitor 19201080P Up To 75Hz AMD, 2ms Response to Fil


27" Gaming Monitor 19201080P Up To 75Hz AMD, 2ms Response to Fil

Product description

Up to 75Hz refresh rate

Maintaining a leading position at 75Hz allows you to gain performance advantages when frames are switched instantly.

Fast response time

The fast response time reduces ghosting and blurring when converting pixels, and keeps enemies and terrain in precise focus during chaotic moments.

99% sRGB

This monitor has 99% sRGB, providing a wider color gamut than most traditional monitors, providing deeper colors and defined functions


Resolution: 1920*1080P

Interface: HDMI/VGA/audio

Colour: Black

Can be wall-mounted

Screen ratio: 16:9

Response time: 2ms

27" Gaming Monitor 19201080P Up To 75Hz AMD, 2ms Response to Fil

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