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Real Tibetan Himalayan High Cheap Altitude 56 Clear Sided Crystal Poin Beauty products

Real Tibetan Himalayan High Altitude Clear 56 Sided Crystal Poin


Real Tibetan Himalayan High Altitude Clear 56 Sided Crystal Poin

Product description

This absolutely gorgeous 56 sided Vogel is made of real Tibet Himalayan crystal ! This unique quartz point of finest craftsmanship is 99% water clear . The specifications are 145 mm(5.7 inch) long,*46*32 mm (1.81*1.25 inch) wide and 359 grams (0.79 lb) . Perfect size for all kinds of energy works. This lovely point will make a great centerpiece for any room, healing space or work area! The pictures dont do it justice.
These POWERFUL healing tools have been individually hand picked for uniqueness, the power of addtional energetic properites, maximum energy and are the highest Quality on the market. These beautiful crystals have been blessed and energized by our master cutters in our factory. Our factory has been cutting Vogel since 1998. Kexin crystal are imbued with the healing light and compassionate energy . For over 19 years, our cutters have been channeling these entities of light, love, compassion, and peace, bringing miraculous healings to millions of visitors. The Crystals are originally sourced from mines in Tibet Himalayan. Each month we receives deliveries of water, and crystals of different kinds. Once at our factory, the water and crystals are programmed by our master cutters specifically to benefit the healing of all people touched by the Tibet Himalayan energy.
Tibetan high altitude quartz crystal induces amplification of you own special energy field, it can and will produce a huge force field of healing negative ions and will clear the area of positive ions which can harm you and your loved ones. This Tibetan crystal point is a huge amplifier and transformer of energy, your smallest thought will be immediately enlarged by this sacred crystal.
All of our crystals amp; stones are natural and have formed over millions of years. Because they are natural, each piece may have inclusions, natural lines or indentations. This is normal and part of the natural material.

Real Tibetan Himalayan High Altitude Clear 56 Sided Crystal Poin

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