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XYJ Spasm price Smartwatch Health and Fitness New mail order IP67 with Waterproof Tracker

XYJ Smartwatch Health and Fitness Tracker IP67 Waterproof, with


XYJ Smartwatch Health and Fitness Tracker IP67 Waterproof, with

Product description


? Main body:
Face shell : Zinc alloy
Bottom shell : ABS+PC
? Compatibility:
? Display: Size 1.28 inch color
? Waterproof rating: IP67 waterproof
300 mAh Li-pol battery
Smart Mode: About 6-8 days
standby for 15 days
? Support languages:
Chinese, Traditional, English, Spanish, Portuguese, Japanese, French, German, Russian, Polish, Persian, Thai, Malay, Turkish, Italian, Arabic, Vietnamese
★ Features:
● Bluetooth Call
● Blood Pressure
● Heart rate
● SpO2
● Sedentary reminder
● Sleep monitoring
● Calories
● Pedometer
Package List:
* 1 x Smart Watch
* 1 x USB cable
* 1 x User Manual

XYJ Smartwatch Health and Fitness Tracker IP67 Waterproof, with

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