Popular Food Items Worth Trying in Bangladesh

Breakfast, lunch, or dinner, Bangladesh has a variety of food dishes to appeal to your taste buds at any given time and day. Their cuisine is known for being spicy and rich, and rice, fish, and curries are considered a staple in Bangladesh. The dishes are heavily inspired and shaped by the produce brought in from the rivers and sea nearby. 

Most of the Bangladeshis are Muslims, which is why pork is a rare find. Although they prefer fish of all kinds, you can also find beef, goat, or chicken. Bangladeshis enjoy leafy vegetables, and potatoes are enjoyed by people of all ages. They are a big fan of pulses too, namely lentils. Since ovens are not a common appliance found in the kitchens of most rural area households, Bangladeshis love to eat a lot of fried food, which is why vegetable oils and mustard oil are a must-have.

If you are new to their cuisine and have no idea where to start, we can guide you through this food journey to make sure that you are trying exactly what you need to when you visit Bangladesh. Some of the most common Bangladeshi food items include:


This item refers to any vegetable or fish that has been cooked with spices and then served in a mashed form. Bhorta is served with rice and is usually shared between two or more people. Although you can add a meat or fish curry to your plate, the bhorta and rice is sufficient for a filling, good meal.


This is a common dish in Bangladesh that makes use of a gravy base made out of tomatoes, onions, and usually, ginger and garlic paste. Curries tend to be spicy and can contain eggs, any kind of meat, prawns, and even vegetables. Bangladeshis love to eat their curries with rice and cook one curry dish at least every other day. 

Chotpoti and Fuchka

Sold by roadside vendors, small chotpoti shops, food courts, and even high-end restaurants, chotpoti is a loved, warm, savory snack made out of chickpeas, onions, and potatoes. The dish is usually in a semi-soup form and can be put into small, puffed pieces of bread known as fuchka. The food vendors always have a tangy, spicy tamarind sauce ready to accompany your plate of chotpoti and fuchka. 

Bangladeshi Sweets and Desserts

Roshmalay, firni, roshogolla, kalojam, and chana are just some of the sweets and desserts that Bangladeshis enjoy on the regular. Roshmalay, firni, and chana are milk-based items, while the others are balls of sweets dunked in indulgent, rich syrup.

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