Renowned Restaurants to Visit in Bangladesh

Bangladeshis are known for their love of curries, fish, and rice, but also enjoy the occasional visit to the best restaurants around them. Arguably, the top ones worth visiting are located in Dhaka, the capital of Bangladesh. Having said that, our list hits a few restaurants from other sectors of Bangladesh too. Here are our top picks:


  • Poushee Restaurant: Easily the most well-known restaurant in all of Cox’s Bazar, Poushee offers authentic Bangali food. Rice, curries, bhorta, and all kinds of fish are available here. This spot is constantly swarmed by locals and tourists, and a line of people waiting to find a seat is a common sight here. Their pomfret fry is famous in all of Bangladesh and countless people flock by Poushee just to try it out for themselves.
  • Hazir Biriani: Biryani is one of the most delectable rice dishes Bangladeshis have, and Hazir Biriani is one of the oldest, best spots for biryani. Hazir Biriani has been hailed as one of the cheapest, best-prepared biryani restaurants in all of Bangladesh. There are several outlets scattered all over Dhaka. Made with a wide variety of aromatic spices, the biriani from this place flies out of the kitchen almost as soon as it is ready to be eaten.
  • Ambrosia: A top spot in Chittagong, Ambrosia is an easy pick for the locals for a buffet deal. As a matter of fact, Ambrosia is seen hosting a big event every now and then. Offering countless items that are hailed as top-notch food for both locals and foreigners, Ambrosia caters to people who want a taste of Bangladeshi style Indian and Chinese dishes. 
  • Star Restaurant: Another popular spot in Dhaka, Star has made quite a name for itself with all their Bangali food items. From biriani, to firni (rice pudding), to borhani (a drink made out of yoghurt), Star serves first-class food that keeps customers coming back for more. There are a few outlets all over Dhaka, but the ones in the area Dhanmondi have got to be the most frequented by hungry customers.


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