St. Martin’s Island

Currently home to over 5,000 people right now, St. Martin’s Island is a beach located in the Chittagong division of Bangladesh. It is adored by both the locals and the tourists who visit the tropical Eden. Situated about 10 kilometers away from the southern point of the Cox’s Bazaar to Teknaf mainland, this spot is Bangladesh’s only coral reef island. It is also known for having waters that are clearer and bluer than the waters in any other beach in the country.

St. Martin’s Island gets very busy around wintertime in Bangladesh and for good reason! During the chilly season, the skies are clearer, and the sea is more agreeable. Also, the stars seem to shine brighter than they do from any other spot in Bangladesh. Recognized as ‘Narikel Jinjira’ by the locals, this island offers several luxury hotels that guarantee a comfortable stay. You could also find cheap, decent options; some hotels offer tents outside by the beach that are far cheaper than the hotel rooms. Whatever your budget is, you could comfortably live on that island, try out various kinds of fish and local delicacies, and laze around by the stunning view.

A small part of the island is known as Chera Dip, which is quite famous. Several Bangladeshi books mention the Chera Dip, and a number of Bangali movie scenes have been shot on that spot. If you have never been to St. Martin’s before, you would want to visit the Dip for sure!

Filled with coconut trees, this island is about 8 square kilometers in size, which means you could take a stroll around the island in one day. The locals are simple people who are laid back; they are eager to help the tourists who arrive here every single day. Their main source of livelihood is fishing, and coconuts and rice are two staples these locals swear by.

Although the island is known for its abundance of coconuts and its fresh seafood, another thing that makes the spot stand out is the feeling of being disconnected from the rest of the country. As a matter of fact, countless youngsters and couples frequent the island around winter to get away from their busy lives. It helps that there is no electricity on St. Martin’s Island; a number of the hotels run a bunch of generators for a few hours throughout the day.

You can get to St. Martin’s from Teknaf with the ferry known as Keari Sindbad. This ferry leaves every day at 3 pm and sells round trip tickets for all its passengers. So all you have to do is decide which day you wish to travel back to Teknaf from St. Martin’s. You could also take speedboats from Teknaf, which will cost more than the Keari Sindbad tickets. Both the ferry and speedboats will pass through the stunning Naf River, giving you a glimpse of Myanmar while you are on your way to St. Martin’s.

Sunsets and sunrises look a tad better from the island than they might do from other beaches, and it is hard to forget the feeling of the waters in St. Martin’s. Warm and welcoming, this island is still considered a hidden treasure of a tourist destination.

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