Top Halal Restaurants in Sydney

Sydney, a city scattered with beaches and hiking trails, has a very delicious and exciting halal food scene! If you are on the lookout for halal restaurants in Sydney offering different types of cuisines, have a look at our list:

  1. Ho Jiak: Ho Jiak is the latest Malaysian restaurant to gain popularity amongst Sydney’s diverse community. Located in Haymarket, Strathfield and Town Hall, this restaurant is known for its mouth-watering satays and curries as well as the street food. The restaurants are known for their décor as well, inspired by the open air markets of North Penang. A visit to Ho Jiak is a must if you are craving traditional Chinese Malaysian food!
  2. Tarim Uyghur Handmade Noodles: Based in Auburn, this restaurant is renowned for its handmade noodles and shish kebabs and is a popular choice for spicy food enthusiasts. The food is freshly prepared, including the handmade noodles. The cosy atmosphere adds to the overall dining experience so you are bound to have a great meal here.
  3. Shalom Indonesian Restaurant: If you are craving Indonesian food, then Shalom is the place to go! It has been consistently ranked as one of the top Indonesian restaurants in Sydney and the food is guaranteed to make you thoroughly satisfied. The Ayam Presto Kremes (smashed fried chicken) is a must try and the sauces are delectable. This restaurant is located at Sussex Street in the city and in the eastern suburbs.
  4. Rashay’s Harbourside: Rashay’s has several outlets scattered across Sydney and is one of the few places where you can eat halal steaks, burgers, pasta and pizza. Choose from one of their steaks or enjoy their burgers. Rashay’s also serves all-day breakfast so you can your brekkie at any time of the day! Finish off your meal with a dessert like pavlova and enjoy the view of Darling Harbour.
  5. It’s Time for Thai: Look no further than It’s Time for Thai if you are craving the tangy, sweet and spicy flavours of Thai cuisine. With generous portions and a variety of choices, you are guaranteed to be very happy with your meal here. Try one of their noodle dishes and finish off your meal with mango sticky rice – you will be left craving Thai food for days.
  6. Volcanoes Steakhouse: Volcanoes Steakhouse is located in Parramatta and is a big favourite amongst foodies for their steaks. Meat lovers appreciate the variety of cuts available here, from rump to rib eye and so on. The burgers are also a great alternative if you are not a fan of steaks.
  7. Neptune Palace Restaurant: If you are in the CBD during lunchtime, Neptune Palace Restaurant is a must try. This award winning Chinese Malaysian restaurant offers a top-notch fine dining experience and hosts people across two floors in the Gateway Building. Note that the restaurant also serve alcohol; however, the delectable seafood is a winner and the restaurant is known for offering nearly 150 items on its menu!
  8. BBQ City Bankstown: BBQ City in Bankstown is perhaps one of the few restaurants in Sydney which offer halal Korean food. A visit to BBQ City is a must if you are a fan of Korean food and want to treat your family and friends to an array of bold flavours. The restaurant offers an all you can eat buffet so make sure to bring your appetite!
  9. Gami Chicken & Beer: Head to Gami for your Korean fried chicken fix and enjoy the vibrant and fun atmosphere of this CBD-based restaurant. Make sure to try all their sauces as well, they are guaranteed to add an extra kick to your delicious food! While the restaurant does serve alcohol the chicken is halal-certified and goes fantastically well with tangy mocktails.
  10. Ribs and Burgers: Ribs and Burgers has several outlets around Sydney and is a massive favourite amongst locals. Head here if you are craving gourmet fast food and want to enjoy a fun dinner with your loved ones! As the name goes their ribs and burgers are obvious great choices however, it is their milkshakes which really add the extra sugary kick after a hearty meal!

These are just some of our top picks. Sydney offers many more options for halal food, which are waiting to be discovered!

NOTE: Please do your own research or speak to restaurants for 100% satisfaction as the data we are having is mostly worth of mouth.

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